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Frequently Asked Questions

My activation email hasn't arrived

Your activation email should arrive within a few minutes, though it can take longer if the internet is busy.

The most frequent reason for the activation email not arriving is an incorrect, or non-functioning, email address.

To check whether your email address was entered correctly, go back to the Register page and try registering again. If the email address was correct the first time, you will be told that it is already in use. In this case, see the next FAQ.

My email address was correct, but my activation email still hasn't arrived

This is a bit more tricky. Sometimes emails are lost in spam filters, or perhaps there is a problem with your email.

We can send your activation information to you again. Click here to have it re-sent.

If you then still have problems, contact us using the link at the top of the page.

I have forgotten my password

The site can send a temporary your password to your email address. This will be valid for today only: please use it to log in and re-enter a permanent password from your Site Preferences page.

Click here to do this.

I want to change my password

Do this from the Site Preferences page:
  • Scroll down into the Contact Details area
  • Click the Show Login Details button
  • Enter your existing password together with your new password (twice for confirmation)
  • Click the Update Preferences button
N.B: Check that at the top of the form that it now says "Changes saved". If so, your new password takes effect immediately. If not, correct any reported problem and try again.

I want to change my email address

Follow the procedure above for changing your password, except fill out the email address boxes instead of the password boxes.

N.B: Check that at the top of the form that it now says "Changes saved". If so, your new email address takes effect immediately and must be used the next time you log in. If not, correct any reported problem and try again.

Finally, if the site goes down...

Please don't give up on us! It'll be back in an hour or a day or so.